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Painting the interior of one’s home is one of the simplest renovations you can do with very dramatic results. A professionally completed paint job finished in the correct colour can make your home feel new once again. Whether it is a bedroom or living room, a single level or your entire home, you can feel excited about coming home to a refreshed living space once again. If you are from the Edmonton or Sherwood Park area here are a few reasons why you should look to hire the professionals at Elite Trade Painting.

We Value Your Time (Stress-free)

Hiring Elite Trade Painting to do the interior painting of your residence can give you your time back. When you hire interior painters who have the experience and the right tools for the job, the project will be completed in a fraction of the time with minimal interruptions to your home and life. Our professionals understand that you have a busy life and are able to come into your home, do the work quickly, complete it correctly, and leave you with that new home feeling.

We Commit to Quality

Our goal is to meet or surpass your expectations. A quality painting job involves proper preparation and attention to detail. Elite Trade Painting

know how to deliver a quality finish, with crisp cut lines and smooth, uniform applications. We use only top quality paints and match the correct type of paint to the areas that need attention. We won’t be happy until you are 100% satisfied, as all of our projects come backed with a satisfaction guarantee.

We Have the Right Tools

Choosing professional interior painters will not only save you time, it will provide your home with a clean, professional, quality appearance that will be noticed. Not all paint is the same and neither are the tools used to paint a home. Our experienced painters know what products to use in which areas of a home, what colours will make the best impression, and which brushes, rollers, and techniques to use.

We Have the Expertise

Our painters have the expertise and skill to deliver professional results in all areas of your home, from doors and trim to walls and ceilings. There are certain areas, such as stairwells, high open spaces, tall walls and ceilings where having proper tools, and the necessary knowledge makes all the difference. Because we paint every day, we know how to access difficult areas, as well as the proper processes to prepare, and paint these surfaces.

We Care About the Details

We believe that prepping the room for paint is the most important part of the project to ensure the surface of the wall is as perfect as possible before applying a coat of paint. Our team will complete wall repair including sanding caulking and priming and work to minimize any imperfections that may be present. Our team is exceptionally dedicated to focusing on all of the small components from start to finish that make up a quality final product. We have a three-part inspection process on our projects, which ensures a quality finish that you will love.

Safety is our Priority

Painting a house can also be dangerous. Not only does the team at Elite Trade Painting have the tools and expertise to get your job done safely but we also come backed with full WCB Alberta coverage and $5,000,000 in commercial liability insurance coverage.


Our professional interior painters clean up after the project is done, so you don’t have to. We complete a client walk-through and inspection of the site before removing our equipment and leaving you with a professionally finished job, characterized by crisp cut lines and a smooth even finish.

Elite Trade Painting offers an Elite Service and Promises Elite results.

If you want help choosing colour schemes, we can help with that too. Please take some time to view our many galleries and testimonials. We’re proud of our work! If you would like an estimate on painting your home, please let us know.


From start to finish we create value while treating your home or business with respect and professionalism.


It begins with a quote request. Then a follow up call to go over the project and arrange a site visit. We will create a custom detail quote(s) for the work from our onsite review.


Once you review the quote(s) you can proceed to book the quote by calling your estimator or their office, sending an email, text or accepting it through our quote system.


In the booking process, we will confirm options for start dates. There is a discussion and plan created for colours. Once confirmed a team is then scheduled for your project.


When our team arrives onsite preparation and painting will commence. Completing the project in a timely and efficient manner ensuring the high standards for Elite projects.


Upon inspection and completion, we will clean the site removing all gear/equipment. We will then protect your project with our 2yr guarantee. An invoice is provided for review.

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