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Considering a kitchen makeover?  Kitchen cabinets are a focal point, and repainting them is a budget-friendly way to dramatically transform your space.  Elite Trade Painting Edmonton offers professional cabinet refinishing services to ensure a stunning, long-lasting result.

Why Hire a Kitchen Painting Pro?

While DIY cabinet painting seems appealing, there are several advantages to hiring a kitchen cabinet painting professional.

Our experienced painters bring expertise to every step of the cabinet refinishing process. This includes meticulous cleaning to ensure a smooth surface for the paint to adhere to. They are skilled in sanding techniques that prepare the cabinets for a flawless finish.

To promote long-lasting results, they apply high-quality primer that creates a perfect base for the paint. Finally, our painters use their expertise to apply cabinet-specific paints with precision, guaranteeing a beautiful, even application.

DIY Dilemmas

Here are some common issues homeowners face when tackling cabinets themselves:

Improper Preparation

Inadequate cleaning or sanding leads to poor paint adhesion and a rough finish.

Incorrect Paint Choice

Using the wrong type of paint can result in peeling, cracking, and a finish that is difficult to clean.

Uneven Application

Uneven painting creates a sloppy look and may require repainting.

Paint Makes Kitchen Cabinets Perfect

When choosing paint for your kitchen cabinets, durability, washability, and beautiful finishes are all key considerations.  First, the paint needs to be tough enough to withstand the daily wear and tear of a busy kitchen.  This means resisting scratches, dings, and chipping.

Second, kitchen cabinets are constantly exposed to grease, splatters, and spills.  A washable paint makes cleanup easy and helps maintain the cabinets’ pristine look. 

Finally, the paint should enhance your kitchen’s aesthetics.  We offer a wide range of colours and finishes, from elegant semi-gloss for a touch of shine to a modern matte look for a more understated feel.  With our expert guidance, you can choose the perfect paint to suit your style and create a kitchen you’ll love..

Protecting Your Investment

The relentless onslaught of moisture, heat, and impact can take a toll on kitchen cabinets.  Water, from everyday spills or routine cleaning, can cause warping and peeling paint.  Hot dishes or appliances placed directly on cabinet surfaces can lead to discolouration or heat damage. 

The force of slamming doors or bumping cabinets with heavy objects can cause dents, scratches, and chipped paint.  Our careful refinishing process helps shield your cabinets from this wear and tear by creating a durable, protective finish that can withstand the daily rigours of a busy kitchen.

What Is the Timeline for Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing?

The timeframe for cabinet refinishing depends on the size and complexity of your kitchen.  Generally, it takes 3-5 days, with minimal disruption as we can usually work on sections at a time.

Other Considerations:
To ensure a smooth refinishing process, we ask for your cooperation in a few areas. First, we need all cabinets to be emptied to allow us unobstructed access to all surfaces. This will also minimise the risk of accidental damage to your belongings.

Second, proper ventilation is essential during the project. Opening windows or running fans will help remove fumes and ensure a safe working environment.

Finally, choosing a new colour for your cabinets is an exciting step! Our experienced team can help you navigate the selection process, considering factors like lighting, existing d├ęcor, and your desired overall kitchen aesthetic.

We’ll present you with a variety of colour options and samples to help you find the perfect match for your vision.

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