Painting and Staining Brick and Masonry

Brick & Masonry Painting

Staining and painting brick and masonry has been done for many years. It is a great way to rejuvenate these surfaces and has excellent longevity. Staining and painting of brick and masonry is suitable for residential and commercial jobs for either small facades or entire buildings

Painting of Brick and Masonry

Painting of brick and masonry can be done with most residential paint products. Our products of choice are Dulux Weatherguard, Dulux Diamond and Sherwin Williams A-100 or Resilience. Any high-quality interior or exterior paint product can be used for interior brick and masonry applications. In general, the painting of brick and masonry performs very well but there can be some peeling as it is a heavier coating than stain. Brick and masonry painting is less common in Atlantic Canada but is a common practice in southern climates as well as in Western Canada.

Staining of Brick and Masonry

There are a wide range of staining products for brick and masonry in both solid and semitransparent coatings. There are products available from the major paint manufacturers as well as many smaller boutique type producers. The products can be two component products with a primer coat and top coat or single component products that require two coats.

There are several products of choice for brick and masonry staining. Perma Crete from Dulux is a masonry stain with a solid finish and a slight sheen that has several great qualities including breathability, water repellency and hot tire resistance (applicable to floors). We have had great experience with Permatint products which is produced by a smaller manufacturer. This is a two component product that has a primer coat and a top coat. Permatint comes in a solid finish, has excellent adhesion and looks great.

Process for Painting and Staining Brick and Masonry

The general process for painting and staining brick and masonry is to first clean the brick and masonry surface removing dirt, mould mildew and contaminants from the surface. Bare brick and masonry will require two coats while re-coats usually require a single coat. Products with two components will specify that two coats are needed while single components will require a second coat to achieve a desired appearance. It is important to follow the application instructions provided for all products.

How Brick and Masonry Stains and Paints are Applied

The application method can be either brush, roller or spray depending on the type of brick and masonry and the installation configuration. Many stain products are thinner in viscosity and will require protection on areas not being coated.

Full Coverage or Individual Brick and Masonry

Applying the coating to the brick and masonry and mortar is the most common method for brick and masonry staining and painting. Individual brick and masonry application, leaving the mortar untouched, can also be done if required.

Colour Selection

There is a full range of colours available for most products although some boutique products may have a more limited range. It is important to remember that colour selection can affect coverage which can result in more than two coats being necessary to achieve the desired look.

The other factor to consider when selecting a colour is resistance to fading. These type of products rarely fail but the choice of colour can lessen longevity and decrease the time necessary for re-coating. Colours such as reds, yellows and bright colours will have lower resistance to fade.

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