Epoxy Coatings – Preparation and Application

Epoxy Coating

Epoxy coating products provide a high level of durability on concrete and steel structures.

Epoxy coatings provide a distinct advantage over regular paint products and their performance is reflected in the cost of the product and application process. These products are used for water resistance, chemical resistance and to withstand high traffic.

What is an epoxy coating?

Epoxy coatings are generally two component products made with a resin base and a hardener (catalyst). There are single component epoxies such as PPG Pitt Glaze which is a pre-catalyzed waterborne acrylic epoxy. Two-part epoxies generally outperform single component products and acrylic epoxies will be out performed by resin types. Epoxies are suitable for both interior and exterior use. However, Epoxy products must be designated specifically for exterior use.

The majority of commercial and industrial applications refrain from using the acrylic and single based products, but they are a great option for more environmentally sensitive projects.

Epoxy Floor Painting

Elite Trade Painting applies epoxy products for floors in commercial and residential applications. Our commercial floor work consists of warehouse, workshops, retail storage, steps, entrances and process/manufacturing floors. Residential applications consist of garage floors, basement floors, cement deck areas and steps.

Preparation for Epoxy Floors and Metal

The application of epoxy products requires a stable surface free from grease and chemical contaminants. Cleaning, degreasing and etching with acid are required prior to application and (when needed) grinding or shot blasting. The odour during the application process will be quite strong and will require precautions such as insuring air flow with ventilation units and the use of respirators.

Previous Epoxy Coatings Must be Removed

The application of epoxies over old paint is generally not possible. The epoxy coatings can react with previous paint coatings and will result in application failure. The removal of previous paint coatings must be done through grinding or shot blasting.

Commercial Floor Painting: Timing is Essential

The main issue with epoxy floor application in working areas is the timing for the project. The preparation, application and the cure time will mean that an area will be taken out of service for many days. Heavy traffic on an epoxy floor prior to the recommended cure time will result in failure of that coating.

Elite Trade Painting has the experience to create a schedule that works for the business as well as the coating requirements. We develop schedules that utilize holidays, weekends, down time as well as sectional methodology that divides an area into smaller workable sections.

Our commercial service includes an assessment of the job requirements, recommendations for the process, products and the creation of a schedule that works for all.

Residential Epoxy Coating Applications: Garage Floors

The most popular application of epoxy for residential use is on garage floors.

Creating an epoxy floor for a garage requires coatings and processes that withstand not only heavy use and chemicals, but also hot tire pick up. Tires when driven can have warm if not hot internal temperatures and when parked on the epoxy floor will transfer heat to the floor that will pick up the epoxy paint causing damage to the surface.

The proper specifications of products and preparation for your garage floor is part of our service. We will take into consideration your budget and request for performance and then recommend several options for your consideration.

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