Power Washing

Power washing is a part of the process for painting most exterior projects completed by Elite Trade Painting.

Most exterior surfaces on a home or building can be power washed. In Atlantic Canada we have dust, mould, mildew, salts and other contaminants that build up on structures over time. Painting over these contaminated surfaces is not an option as these surfaces must be clean prior to painting.

There are exceptions, when power washing may not be necessary for a project and a spot cleaning will suffice. These projects include smaller surfaces such as painting of window frames, door frames, doors and can also include recently painted or cleaned surfaces.

Power Washing Process

Power washing consists of an environmentally friendly chemical being applied to clean a surface with the chemical being rinsed off after it has set for a period of time. The action of the chemical is the important factor in the cleaning process and the high pressure is used to aid in the cleaning process and facilitate the quick rinsing of a building.

The use of pressure for stripping or scraping paint on surfaces is limited in our power washing process to steel/metal and some concrete surfaces. Elite Trade Painting does not use power washing to remove paint from wood surfaces. The use of high pressure on wood surfaces produces an unacceptable amount of debris and damages the wood surface.

When Does Power Washing Occur for Painting?

Power washing on most structures occur a week or more prior to the start of the painting process. In some cases when there are good drying conditions, a structure can be washed as early as the day before the beginning of the painting process.

Precautions for the Power Wash (What a client should do before we arrive)

Prior to power washing any structure, a client should remove any items around the perimeter of the building. These include lawn furniture, barbecues, awnings (if chemically sensitive), planters and any items that will prevent a surface from being washed. All windows must be closed prior to the washing of the structure.

Special Cleaners

We will specify cleaners that have enhanced cleaning actions when required. Areas with heavy grease and other chemical contaminants will require stronger cleaners to clean adequately. Upon inspection of the area, we will make the determination of the exact cleaning process and chemical needed to prepare your surface properly.

Interior Power Washing

Power washing is not a requirement for most residential and office interior painting projects. However, in some commercial projects it can be a requirement. Workshops such as car repair shops, warehouse floors and other areas that accumulate debris on ceiling, walls and floors will require power washing. There are requirements to make power washing in these areas possible; proper drainage along with the surfaces being able to withstand the rigours of power washing is essential. We will provide the best recommendation for the cleaning and preparation of these areas in your painting proposal.

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