2021 Paint Colors to Make Your Home Stand Out

2021 Paint Colors to Make Your Home Stand Out

Are you interested in doing some interior design in 2021? Whether you’re going to be painting a bedroom, adding a new hue to the entire home, or even painting the exterior of your home, some hues are making more of a splash than others. Design trends for 2021 will incorporate facets that speak to human connection, wellbeing, and sustainability.

Not sure what sort of color palette you want to use for your bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom? We’ll be sharing a few different options so you can keep your choices trendy while expressing yourself creatively. Since 2020 has been fraught with challenges for many people, many of the recommended colors for next year are soothing, balanced, and offer a celebration of simple pleasures.

White – But Not Too White

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Our first recommendation for a trendy color going into the new year is white. But when we’re talking about white, we don’t mean a stark, cold white that can suck the life out of space. Instead, many people will be searching for whites that incorporate a bit of warmth. Some of them will have a touch of gray, yellow, or pink to make them more comforting and suitable for both interior and exterior painting.

A few examples include cool concrete and delicate white from Dulux. Both of these colors come from the Be Well Palette, which is focused on helping people embrace intention and mindfulness using colors that are optimistic and restorative. These “whites”, and other colors in the palette, are the perfect option for anyone who wants to balance the wellness of their body, mind, and spirit.

Glowing Orange & Yellow Hues

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Warm colors are always a sense of security and yellows and oranges are colors that easily fit under that heading. Rather than going with a bright orange or yellow that might overpower a space, these paints are a bit more subtle. Some of them will be a mix of yellow and orange, while others might be yellow with a touch of a neutral shade to bring things down a notch.

For example, Welcome Home by Dulux is a paint in the Be True Palette which emphasizes connection and authenticity. This hue has a dark orange shade with a bit of brown to keep it warm and welcoming. Of course, if you enjoy bold shades, those are also available. A lemon yellow or mandarin orange color can let you show some creativity in your space.

Neutral Browns, Grays, and Beiges

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Sometimes the paint on the walls isn’t what you want guests to focus on when entering your space. When you have other focal pieces in a room, a neutral color on the walls can help keep eyes where you want them. The great thing about browns and grays is that there are tons of options so you can go as light or dark as you want.

If you already have a lot of light colors in your living room or kitchen, dark paint can complement those things well. The same also works the opposite way. Make sure that you select colors that appeal to you, which shouldn’t be an issue when a huge number of neutral colors are available on the market.

All Sorts of Blue Colors

interior painting blue

We’ve talked about neutral colors and a few warm colors that can add vibrancy and liveliness to any home. But sometimes a cool color can also work well and tons of them are going to be seen a lot in 2021. Many experts are recommending choosing light blue colors to add a bit of lightness to any room in your house.

While you’re using earthy tones, a pop of an aqua blue or a blue and gray mix can add a bit of color to another space. Blues come in dark hues, light hues, and everything in between. Some of them have a bit more gray, others have a touch of green, and some are solid blue. Since blue is one of the most popular colors in the world, it could make a great option for paint in 2021.

Muted But Rich Combinations

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If you’re the kind of person who cares about nature and enjoys a bohemian feel, you have many color options available to you. This is a common request and is likely to be seen more often as we move into the new year. Some of the colors that work well with this kind of design include dark greens, tarnished golds, rich reds, and chocolate browns.

Another palette that fits well with this feel uses colors that are natural and neutral and puts them together to create a space. Light grays, dark grays, shades of brown, and natural green colors can combine to create a space that you want to spend all your time in. This kind of color combination is inspired by minimalism, wellness, and Scandinavian design.

Bright Colors With an Edge

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Not a huge fan of neutral colors or light hues that act as a background for another décor? That’s totally fine, too! Another trend to watch out for focuses on bright colors that make you feel creative and playful. This can include anything from bright oranges to flashy yellows and riveting ruby reds. Pair a pearl white with a French lilac or use a Mediterranean blue to bring some extra pizazz into your space.

Sure, these colors might be bolder than the others we’ve touched on, but they have a place in many homes. Some people appreciate vivid hues to inspire them and if that describes you, brighter colors will probably appeal. Just make sure to have other items in the room that are less intense so everything can remain balanced.

Picking the Right Color Trends for Your Needs

Paint Colours

While the colors above incorporate many of the top trends coming up, that doesn’t mean you should just choose one and go with it. There are many things to take into consideration when you choose paint colors. Keep an open mind and explore your creative side while you think about which of the paints is perfect for your bedroom, bathroom, or home exterior.

Look Closely at the Space Being Painted

Let’s say you’re planning to paint the living room. Before you randomly choose a color, take time to look over the entire room. This space might already include area rugs, furniture, fireplaces, electronics, and hardwood floors or carpeting. When you look closely at these items and their colors, it can help you decide what paint palettes will fit in with them the best.

You also want to consider the mood you want to evoke in a space. If you want elegance, you might choose different hues than someone who wants warmth. Another thing to add to the mix is the style of the room and its particular architectural style. Paint can transform a space and make it look new again but you want to be sure the color is one you’ll love for years to come.

Have Fun While Doing Some Research

While you can simply choose one of the 2021 top colors, that isn’t your only option. If you want to be more deliberate about your decisions, consider checking out websites like Pinterest, design magazines, and other means to find colors and combinations that inspire you. See whether you’re drawn to muted pastels, dark neutrals, or bolder and brighter colors.

Acquire Color Chips and Paint Samples

Once you have an idea of some colors you think you’d like to use, the next step is to pick up color chips and some brochures that you can go over in the comfort of your own home. This is only the first step and lets you quickly decide what colors are still appealing and which you no longer enjoy once you have them in your hands.

You could pick your colors only based on the swatches, but it’s not recommended. Once you have an idea of which colors you like, it’s best to test with paint samples. This makes it easier to see how things will look under various light conditions. The time of day can have an impact, as well as whether the light is genuine or artificial.

Work With Great Paints and Even Better People

While it might seem as if all paints are essentially the same, that isn’t true. Some brands make higher quality products than others. While there’s nothing wrong with considering the budget, don’t allow it to be your primary consideration. It’s important to choose the paint that looks good and which will last in your home. Otherwise, you might end up needing to touch things up much sooner than you’d like.

The same applies when choosing painters to apply the colors you choose. You want to choose workers with experience, who knows design and color, and who can back up their technical skills with fantastic customer service. Whether you’re painting your whole house or a single room, use these tips to make sure it’s a success!

To learn more about our estimating process or schedule your own quote, contact Elite Trade Painting today. For any of your residential or commercial painting needs throughout Canada, we’ll provide you with a transparent, thorough estimate so you can have an accurate vision of your next painting project before you book.

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