Prepping Your Commercial Space for A Paint Job: What You Need to Know

Prepping Your Commercial Space for A Paint Job: What You Need to Know

You want to make an excellent first impression on your current and future customers when you own a business. Sometimes that means your building’s appearance needs to be updated. Having a good paint job can create an excellent first impression for your customers, old and new. 

Keeping business flowing well while completing a makeover project is a balancing act. As with painting your home, prep work is imperative for having a beautiful, finished project. Without the appropriate prep work, your paint could simply not adhere to the walls you are painting. 

Why is Prep Work Important for Your Commercial Space?

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Surface prep work helps to eliminate issues occurring during the painting process. One problem you could have is with the adherence of the paint. Unprepared surfaces can lead to paint that bubbles, peels, cracks, and flakes. 

Bubbled paint is an expensive renovation mishap. It is unappealing and has an unprofessional appearance. When the paint bubbles because of unprepared surfaces, it causes wasted time and money. The paint treatment likely won’t last long, resulting in hiring someone else to redo the job and fix the issue.

Prep work is time-consuming and challenging, but it’s worth the cost and effort in the long run. A professional painter will assess the project’s needs before beginning, and they will adjust their methods and prices to help provide the best painting job possible for your commercial space. 

General Preparation Steps Before Painting Your Commercial Surface

You may think the only preparation for painting your commercial building is the cleaning and prepping of the building. However, there is more to preparing for a painting project than meets the eye. Prep work begins before the first-hand touches the building. 

Consider How Large the Project Will Be

Before you begin prepping the actual building, consider the size of your project. Do you have one structure, two, or three? Part of considering the size of the project is also considering how much time you have allotted to complete the job. The time of year you are completing your project is also a consideration for the size of the project. 

Contractors sometimes offer discounts when you choose to paint in the cooler off-season. Consider when your business is the busiest as well, so you have the minimum amount of inconvenience to you, your customers, and your business neighbors. 

Choose the Appropriate Color

Color considerations for a business are different from those for a home. With a home, you typically choose the color that appeals to you the most, and you can use that color (provided there are no community rules against it). However, you have more to consider when choosing paint colors with a business. 

The color you choose will help make your property attractive, and it can also help you build your brand. Typically, you can’t just select any color for your business. The city council or chamber of commerce could have rules for the colors you use in your part of town. Historic buildings must maintain the original color palettes of the time of their initial creation. 

Consider Safety

When you paint your home, your safety concerns, while there, are typically less significant than the safety protocols for painting your business. You must look out for yourself, your family, and your contractors at home. With your business, you must be mindful of everyone you would be considering at home, plus your customers, business neighbors, and general traffic near your location. 

Final Thoughts

Prep work is key to getting an appealing paint job for your commercial space. In addition to the standard steps for prepping a building, you also have some considerations you might not have considered.

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