What’s the Best Time of Year to Paint the Interior of Your House?

What’s the Best Time of Year to Paint the Interior of Your House?

You want the interior of your home to look as lovely as the exterior does. Just like your outside walls, the inside walls need periodic painting. Some people make painting a part of their spring-cleaning routine, while others swear by painting in the winter. What is really the best time of year to paint your interior walls? 

Things to Consider Before Deciding When to Paint the Interior of Your House

There are a few things to think about before choosing the perfect time to paint. First of all, are you doing the job yourself, or are you hiring a professional painter? You have more leeway with your timing if you do the job yourself. If you hire a professional, you are more at their mercy. 

Most professional painters do outside work in the warmer months, so often, the best time to have a professional paint your interior is the winter. You will likely find that winter is also the best time for painting when you are doing it yourself. 

Consider the weather when deciding when to paint. Rain, snow, and humidity add moisture to the air, so the paint may not dry as well. You can still paint under these conditions as long as you are mindful of the extra drying time that could be necessary. 

Benefits of Painting in Winter

You may have always painted in the spring or summer, thinking the warm weather would be better for drying the paint. Plus, you can have windows and doors open, providing ventilation against paint fumes. However, there is a case to be made for painting your interior spaces in the winter

Less Humidity

One reason to rethink painting in summer is the humidity level. Even if it’s rainy or snowing, the humidity level decreases in the winter. When it’s hot and humid outside, you will have issues with the paint drying and possible streaking. You could even have trouble with the paint sticking to the walls if it’s incredibly humid outside. 

Fewer Activities

Summertime is full of social activities. A full social calendar means less time to focus on completing household repairs, renovations, or remodeling tasks. Typically, you participate in fewer activities outside the home in the winter. That makes winter an ideal time to consider home improvement projects, including painting projects. 

Modern Paints Don’t Have Fumes Anymore

At one time, people were warned against painting in the winter when the house had to be closed against the cold weather. That was because paint at the time had VOCs. Newer, more modern paints don’t contain VOCs, making them more environmentally friendly and less dangerous for people. That means you can still paint even if you can’t open the windows and doors for ventilation. 

More Availability for Contractors

Contractors tend to book the warmer months well in advance, so you could have difficulty finding a professional to commit to painting your home during those months. On the other hand, winter tends to be a slower season for contractors. The winter months can have contractors seeking customers to keep them busy. The slower pace of the contractor’s schedule can make it easier to schedule your job and make you feel like you are getting the attention you deserve. 

Wrapping Up

People often think painting has to be done in the year’s warmer months. However, painting in the winter has some intrinsic benefits you may not have considered. Not only do you have more time to plan and carry out your home improvement job, but also, the cooler weather can aid in the drying process of the paint.

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