Large Commercial Painting Projects – Elite Trade Painting Has What It Takes.

Large Commercial Painting Projects – Elite Trade Painting Has What It Takes.

Residential painting is something almost anyone can do; whether they can do it well is another question.

Commercial painting takes another set of skills beyond those required in a residential situation. For one thing, commercial painters might have to be much higher than your typical residential painter in completing a contract.

An experienced commercial painting professional will have knowledge of different painting techniques and the knowledge to use equipment that helps them reach new heights. 

Having the knowledge and skills to complete large projects is vital to their successful completion. Organization and communication are keys to any large commercial project.

Establishing a job plan and maintaining that plan requires an understanding of staff, job scope, ensuring that jobs are staffed with the right people and having effective communication to keep the job moving.

Communication is an important component of our successful large commercial projects. Having an open dialogue with the job stakeholders on the job is something that should is a daily occurrence.

Having this open dialogue will provide both parties the opportunity to update job progress and to keep each other informed of any issues or potential issues that always seem to arise in these projects.

ETP can complete most of your large interior or exterior projects. Our franchisees have the experience, knowledge, and the resources to successfully manage your large commercial project to a successful completion 

Large Commercial Interior Projects

Large interior projects that we do…

Or any large interior building as within our scope of projects. We will work with the project managers from the initial proposal stage to the final completion of the project

Strata (Condo Corps) and Building Management

Townhouse Painting

Strata, and Building Management projects go beyond basic painting for a commercial space. The focus is specifically on larger buildings or a lot of smaller buildings and ensuring that every portion of the project is handled professionally. 

The first step for any of these projects is to establish the scope of the work, working with our supplier partners we will provide the recommendations for the best products for the project.

We then provide a recommended job process to ensure the project delivers the look and longevity that is required. In cases where specifications are provided we will ensure the proper implementation of these.

Once the products and process have been established a job plan is created and then implemented that will deliver a timely completion for the components of the project.

Typical Strata and Condo Corp Painting Projects

  • Exterior Repaints
  • Exterior Maintenance
  • Entries, Hallways, Social Rooms and Hallways
  • Parkades
  • Apartment and Condo units

Medium to Low Rise Exteriors

A medium high-rise building is one with an occupied floor more than 75 feet above the lowest access point for firefighters.

Understandably, such a tall building will lend its own set of challenges to the commercial painting process. The process can prove daunting for those who have no experience working on these projects. 

Qualified medium high-rise painters have safety under control when painting your building. The painters are skilled in working with the appropriate equipment to reach the heights required.

Most of these projects will use boom lifts although and/or swing staging, and scaffolding which require only those who have been trained in using them safely. 

Commercial Specialty Coatings

Warehouse Painting

Specialty Coatings painting must do far more than look aesthetically pleasing. The paint used with specialty coatings is not the everyday run-of-the-mill paint that you purchase from your local hardware or home improvement store. 

Some of the paints used in industrial painting offer such features as fireproofing, high build systems, durability and heat resistance Some colours or types of paint can lower cooling costs because reflective properties reflect heat from the building’s exterior. Industrial painting can be used in the following situations: 

Specialty Coating products are designed to withstand the demands of a manufacturing or business setting. Preventing corrosion, fireproofing, and reducing energy consumption are some of the benefits associated with industrial painting products. Skilled commercial painting professionals understand the nuances of choosing the right paint product for your situation. 

Final Thoughts

Commercial and Specialty coatings are different from residential painting both in the type of paint used and in the painting methods. Professionals must understand the products and scope of every project as well as have the staff with training to effectively execute the requirements. When you hire a commercial painting contractor, you want to ensure that the person you hire can handle the job. The professionals at Elite Trade Painting can handle your commercial and specialty coating painting needs. Contact ETP to discuss the services offered in greater detail.

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