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If you own a commercial property, you’ll want to ensure it looks pristine and in good condition. After all, when a client or customer does business with you, it’s one of the first things they notice. Whether you have an office space, retail store, or other property, our services can help you. Our commitment and experience will ensure your Boston property looks fantastic.

We can provide you with various painting services, and commercial painting is one of our strong suits. Throughout the years, we’ve painted for many commercial clients who’ve been overjoyed with the outcomes. This is because we maintain a professional approach from start to finish. We’re consistent with our efficiency and give our clients outstanding customer service.

For over 30 years, we’ve been working in this field, and we’ve worked for many types of businesses. We aim to ensure every need of theirs is met with our services. A major part of this is reducing any disruptions to their operations during the painting process.

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When the painting is finished, you’ll want your commercial property to look new, and we want that for you, also. You can completely trust Elite Trade Painting, as our good reputation and high quality speak for themselves. To know more, take some time to view our services and see why we’re the best in Boston.

Read some of our testimonials to know more and see what it’s like to work with us. You can learn about our professionalism, reliability, and customer service. See some of the past work we’ve done by viewing the photo galleries on our site.

When your property requires painting, what does it need? Is it the exterior or an update to the interior paint? Your whole commercial property might need painting. Whether you need a small space or a huge warehouse, we can help you.

Take some time to reach out and speak to us about what you need. We can give you a free estimate, so you understand the price well. You can’t put your property into the trust of just any painting company in Boston; you deserve the best. At Elite Trade Painting, we’re here to help, and our two-year guarantee will help you with that.

Elite Commercial Painting Services Boston, MA

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Commercial Painting Services

Our commercial customers need to look good for their clientele as well as their staff by providing a safe, healthy, and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.

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Office Painting

Elite Trade Painting understands the needs of a working office environment and what it takes to get your office painted with minimum disruption.

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Commercial Exterior Painting

Staining and painting brick and masonry is a great way to create a modern look from older brick.

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Renovations, New Builds, and Fitups

Building something new? We can finish that! We paint new construction, offices, store fit-ups, new warehouses and more, completing your project professionally and on time.

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Apartment and Condo Painting

Need an apartment or condo painted fast? We service property management companies, condo owners and landlords who need painting done on a tight deadline. We will start the project and complete the project to meet your requirements.

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Warehouse Painting

We paint warehouse ceilings, walls, floors, doors, and safety markings. Our commercial painting services will provide you with the expertise that will have your warehouse looking good.

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Parkade Painting

Our commercial clients know that looking great is simply good business. Maintaining and brightening up a parkade is important for safety and appearances for tenants and clients.

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Painting and Staining of Brick and Masonry

Staining and painting brick and masonry has been done for many years. It is a great way to rejuvenate these surfaces and has excellent longevity. Staining and painting of brick and masonry is suitable for commercial jobs especially brick fireplaces or brick facades.

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Epoxy Painting

We complete thousands of square feet of epoxy floors every year! Coating areas with epoxy products provide a high level of durability and is commonly used on concrete and steel structures.

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Multi Units Painting

Elite Trade Painting services both interior and exterior painting for new builds, repaint and maintenance of large multi unit projects, multi tenant and condo buildings.

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Store Fronts Painting

Store front painting and pedestal signs are vital to a business. The inviting and attractive appearance of a well-maintained store front and street signs will enhance any business.

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Vinyl Wallcoverings

Elite Trade Painting can install vinyl for all of your commercial vinyl projects. Commercial wallcoverings are used to add design, colour, and wearability to surfaces.

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Hotel Industry Painting

Elite Trade Painting services hotel renovations, hotel construction and the day to day paint maintenance that hotels require to maintain their appearance.

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Painting of Daycare and Schools

Painting of daycares and schools are time-sensitive projects that require paints that allow high usage as well as a safe environment for children. Elite understands the needs of daycares and schools.

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