Designing a Bathroom: The Best Paint Colors

Designing a Bathroom: The Best Paint Colors

A bathroom, despite its impact on our daily lives, can sometimes be a forgotten space. It might be outdated or the last on your list for updates when springtime comes around and you’re looking for projects. These rooms can have a variety of purposes and sizes. Some may be small or awkwardly shaped, and others may be grand rooms dedicated to relaxing you after a hard day’s work.

No matter the state your bathroom is in, bathrooms play an influential role in our lives even if we forget about them. Picking a new bathroom color can be a simple, cost-effective way to make your bathroom feel instantly more attractive. You can open the space with certain colors to make it feel larger than it is, or even make the room feel more comfortable and cozier with the right colors.

Your bathroom could turn into your favorite room in the house with the right design.

Choosing the Best Color

Before you even start thinking about what kind of paint you want in your bathroom, understand how your household uses the essential place. Are you a busy mom with a family of four that needs the bathroom to be an easy place for everyone to get ready in the morning, that isn’t too hard to clean? Do you want a spa dedicated to your relaxation, where you plan on spending hours tending to your relaxation needs?
Different spaces and styles will require different designs. Specific colors, like bright white, while classic, may not be best for family homes with people coming in and out all day. Dark colors will make a small bathroom feel even smaller, while light colors in a large bathroom may make it feel too big and uninviting. When you take the next step in designing your bathroom, make sure that your choices will be functional for your lifestyle.

Beautiful Styles to Consider

There are a great many beautiful bathrooms that you can gather inspiration from when looking to fix up your current bathroom. Many are tried and true bathroom styles that can give your bathroom classic elegance or a clean finish. Others are innovative and stylish.

Read on to learn about a range of trending bathroom colors and styles that you can use in your home.


Faded, old, and enduring objects bring many people a sense of safety. Life perseveres, and vintage items give any space an old-world feeling. Using dusky faded colors in your bathroom can give it that vintage style, chiefly when used in tandem with off-white, aged wood, or bronze accents.

Natural Materials

Speaking of wood accents, natural materials are also making their way into trending bathroom designs. Blue items are particularly impactful in 2022’s interior design schemes. Think about adding authentic stone tiles to go with pale blue walls for the trendiest bathroom of the season. From concrete to terracotta, a surprising number of neutral browns and greys are also becoming more popular for bathroom designs.


While neutral colors have been fashionable in interior design for several years now, they don’t often bring enduring interest to a room unless they provide a lot of texture. Don’t be afraid to try out a bright color in your bathroom to make a bold statement that helps you wake up in the morning with a smile.

Bringing Outside Inside

Nowadays, the trend is to make your bathroom feel as open as possible. This often leads to bathroom layouts that have large windows or include outdoor space. You may not have this layout, but you can still make your bathroom feel larger while bringing in elements of the outdoors by using a vibrant green paint on the walls. If you’re looking to do a significant renovation, you can choose to open up the room to a nearby bedroom. This would help you replicate that open layout that indoor-outdoor bathrooms have.

Paint Colors to Choose

Now that you know a range of styles that are currently popular in bathroom design, let’s discuss some paint colors that you can implement to make the most out of your bathroom. Read on to learn how to achieve all your style fantasies.


When you think of a white bathroom, you may be confronted with visions of sterile hospitals, but white need not be a cold color. Soft whites can still offer that classic clean finish that a white room always offers but add some warmth to the space. Think about white if you want to capture more light in a room that doesn’t get a lot of natural sun, and for smaller rooms.

White or cream paint would be excellent for a vintage-style bathroom with a crisp twist.

Blue and Black

This is a striking combination for the homeowner who wants to have an intimate space to relax in. While this combination won’t work well in a small bathroom, it can add a lot of visual drama. As bold styles come into fashion as 2022 gets started, don’t let unorthodox color combinations stop you from experimenting.
Think about putting dark black paint on the lower third of your wall and using a cool slate blue on the top to make your ceilings feel taller.

Blue Ombre

Ombre has been on the minds of designers for a while, and it is an excellent option for you to consider in your bathroom. Instead of limiting you to one color, ombre offers you a stunning visual effect that can highlight this very on-trend color—blue!

Blue can be great for a bathroom style that references the ocean or a crisp winter morning sky. If you want to pull the waterfront into your home using the ombre effect, choose pale blue-greens that fade into white to make an out-of-the-box blue ombre effect for your bathroom. On the other hand, you could start a dark blue ombre from the bottom of your wall blending into a mid-tone at the top to give your bathroom a constant blue glow.

Pale Oak

Wood and wood colors are a great way to bring natural elements into your bathroom. An oak-y color has more depth than your typical tan paints. When it comes to paring this color with other bathroom design elements, this pale wood hue works well with the natural grey found in stone styles. However, it also works exceptionally well with yellow accents and rich brown cabinetry.

This color is very good at creating a natural, neutral space that will be functional and relaxing to be in.


Purple is another one of those bold colors that traditionally you don’t find in a bathroom. But with the right can of paint, purple can be a fantastic addition.

Pale purples, nearly white and crisp, can be an excellent replacement for white paint. This will add an unexpected interest to a bathroom that already has a monotone color palette without being too bold of a color change. In a large bathroom, a rich blackberry purple may give an expensive and sophisticated twist to your wall color.

Coral and Grey

Grey is a fabulous color for a bathroom. A cool slate paint on your bathroom walls is easy to look at, relaxing, and clean without the coldness that white often brings to a room. Grey can make an even bolder statement in a room when it’s paired with the right color. Picking a color like coral, a powerful shade of pink that can be overwhelming on its own, can add a feminine twist to a cool masculine bathroom design.
Choosing to make your bathroom color grey with coral accents can add a very trendy twist to a classic color.


Continuing with the grey theme, there are more grey paints on the market than the pale slate colors we’ve mentioned thus far. Dark charcoal grey paints are very sophisticated. They can ground a room, and will work well with darkroom fixtures. Plus, that trendy stone tile on the floor will go look fantastic with charcoal grey paint.

Always remember that dark colors like charcoal grey will make a small bathroom feel even smaller, so be careful about what colors you choose for small spaces. If you love charcoal grey or another dark color, think about how the space will be overwhelmed by having all the walls that color. Maybe consider an accent wall if you’re dead set on a dark paint color in a small bathroom.


When using brown in the bathroom, you want to make sure that you pick the right brown. A cool brown will be welcoming and easy to sit in. You can also choose a bold terracotta color that will highlight the orange, brown, and yellow hues in your fixtures and towels.

Think about pairing your brown wall color with cream accents to add some sophistication. Like in nature, brown and green also look fantastic together. Think about using some green accents on the walls or with rugs. This would create a very natural bathroom theme.


Green is a very trendy color this coming year. While a very bright yellow-green can add a youthful joy to your bathroom, a color like that can be quickly overwhelming.
Choosing a warm, mid-toned green will bring warmth to your bathroom while also helping it look very fresh. Green is a great color for bringing the outdoors indoors. Consider finding green paint that closely matches the hue of a tree outside your window so that it feels like you’ve brought your property’s natural beauty into your home.


You might be someone who enjoys over-the-top bright colors, and you want to express that in your bathroom. Yellow can be an excellent option for you! A really brilliant yellow can add joy and excitement to your bathroom and will make a bold statement to family and guests.

When designing your bathroom around the color yellow, consider the kind of space you want to make. Do you want a bathroom that shines like a sunflower in summer, full of bright colors and stalky greens, or are you looking to create a very bright space by pairing your yellow paint with white?

Yellow is a color that easily changes warmth depending on what color you pair it with, so be thoughtful when picking a color palette when yellow is your centerpiece.

Make Your Bathroom Look Fabulous

Don’t let your bathroom go forgotten anymore. A fresh coat of paint can bring new life to any room in your home, and the bathroom is no exception. This cost-effective home improvement method can help increase your home-life enjoyment. By picking any one of these styles, or another you may find online, you’ll find that your bathroom will no longer be a looked-over space in your home.

After getting some new color on your bathroom walls, consider some other minor improvements you can arrange. Think about installing new light fixtures or towel bars that go with your new bathroom color. Brand-new towels that fit your bathroom’s new aesthetic might be a beneficial addition to your design as well. These little things will considerably increase the beauty of your bathroom.

Your bathroom may not need a whole remodel, but little things like paint and fixtures can breathe new life into a room you have to spend some time in every day. Enjoy that time more when you update your bathroom color and spruce up your current design.

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