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Painting of a 12’ x 12’ Interior Room

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Painting this room includes minor prep and two coats of paint on all areas (walls, ceiling and trim). If you have multiple rooms in your project you can assume each room will become faster ( expect a 10- 20% improvement on your time for each additional room). Smaller rooms will take less time.

  • Ceiling expect to spend 2-4 hours
  • Walls expect to spend 6- 8 hours
  • For trim:
    • each window add 30-60 minutes
    • each door and frame add 30-60 minutes
    • Approximately 40 feet of baseboard add 1-2 hours
  • For a regular closet add 1-2 hours, large walk in closets add 3-5 hours

Total time to expect for this project is 12-16 hours

You can expect the following costs:
1 gallon of ceiling paint, two gallons of wall paint and a gallon of paint for your trim. With paint you get what you pay for do not cheap out on the paint it will add significantly more time if you do. The average cost of a good gallon of paint is $50.00 giving paint cost of $200 (4 gallons).

Equipment,  materials and rental costs of approx $219.00

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  1. 2 Brushes ( good quality) $19.00
  2. Roller Cage, 2 sleeves (15 mm), tray, 2 tray liners $24.00
  3. extension pole (2-4 feet) $20.00
  4. Drop Sheets (2) $40.00
  5. Roll of plastic $14.00
  6. Step ladder (4-6 feet) $50.00
  7. Spackle for wall repair $12.00
  8. Sanding sponge (medium-fine) $2.00
  9. Filling blade (to apply spackle) $13.00
  10. Tape 1″ one roll $4.00
  11. Caulking and caulking gun $12.00
  12. Rags ( use cotton for better absorption) $0
  13. Cleaning supplies ( bucket, cleaner) if necessary $10.00

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