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Our franchisees are committed to providing a safe work environment.


Some of these commitments are:


  1. Ensuring that as a client, you are fully aware of all job procedures, as well as any special equipment and/or materials that may be necessary to complete their job.
  2. When appropriate discussing personal privacy issues with homeowners during and prior to the job process. This is done to ensure that we as painting contractors meet the requirements of maintaining your privacy during the painting process.
  3. Performing daily cleanup and making sure that any dangerous tools and/or materials are returned to and properly stored in the agreed upon site storage area.
  4. Ensuring that ladders are used when necessary and stored properly when not in use.
  5. Carrying full Workers Compensation and Liability Insurance coverage.
  6. Training all managers and painters in accordance with safety procedures and protocols in the Elite Trade Painting Safety Manual.
  7. Ensuring that all painters meet requirements for WHMIS and First Aid training.
  8. Ensuring that painters are thoroughly trained in proper disposal methods for any hazardous materials.
COVID-19 UPDATE: During this uncertain time we are continuing to support our customers. Your well-being is important to us, please read about our response here.