Aluminum Siding, Metal or Plastics, and Vinyl Painting

Want to Paint Aluminum Siding, Metal or Plastics, and Vinyl?

When it comes to your home, painting is one of the easiest and most cost-effective upgrades you can perform to increase the value and add years of protection.

Different materials need different care, however, and if you’re dealing with aluminum siding, metal or plastics, and vinyl, you are likely doing research that will inform you of the best way to deal with painting these.

How to Paint Ferrous Metal Surfaces

You may be wondering, “What in my house is made of aluminum, metal, plastics, or vinyl? Well, consider the railings or wrought iron fence you have outside your home.

These sorts of elements in your home require regular upkeep to protect them against the weather, wear and tear, and other elements that might lead to rust.

As such, when it comes to painting these materials, you must make sure that you’re using rust-inhibiting paints and primers.

Aluminum and Metal Siding (Painting)

When it comes to aluminum siding, this is the type of material that has had years of success when it comes to being painted. If you are dealing with faded or old-looking siding, then new coats of paint from a quality acrylic compound can go a long way towards making it look brand new.

Depending on the situation, you might be required to use a metal primer to deal with any oxidation that has already occurred. But don’t worry – the Elite Trade Painting team member who you will be working with will recommend what materials you need for this painting project.

Steel Siding (Painting)

As for steel, realize that it works very similarly to aluminum, especially in that it experiences rusting. To prevent this, your Elite Trade Painting member will apply a (metal) primer that will deal with any oxidation and rust that might be part of your steel object.

With this metal primer and the addition of a high-quality coating, you will find your steel siding looking brand new. Of course, our team members will help you select the proper paints and primers.

Painting Your Plastic and Vinyl Surfaces

When it comes to surfaces in your house, you’ll rarely struggle to paint them. So long as you prepare the surface so that it is free of grease and dust, has a level surface, and is ready to be painted, you’ll find it easy to paint most surfaces.

Having said that, painting plastics is a trickier type of painting, but it is still possible to succeed with this. With a suitable coating of primer, combined with proper etching, it is possible to paint those plastic surfaces.

Of course, if there is anything questionable, your Elite Trade Painting member will advise you of the best direction to go with paints and primers.

Choose Your Colour for Your Metal Surfaces

Luckily if you want to create your dream home, you won’t be as restricted as if you were doing other renovation projects.

When it comes to painting these sorts of materials, there aren’t very many limitations when it comes to the colour you would like to paint with, at least when it comes to vinyl, aluminum, and metal surfaces.

Keep in mind that plastic surfaces have some more limitations when it comes to colour choices – this is largely due to different plastic compositions. When it comes to paint colour limitations, realise that you may likely be forced away from a darker colour palette, meaning that you’ll have to monitor and plan for the effects that heat will play on whatever surface you’re painting.

Work With Us!

Here at Elite Trade Painting in Saskatoon, we have a wide range of exemplary team members who would love to work with you on your project. As mentioned, they’ll be there to advise you every step of the way so that your painting project is a breeze.

Why not reach out to us and see how we can help you achieve your dream look for your house!

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