Residential Interior Painting Saskatoon

Saskatoon, SK Residential Interior Painting

Does the interior of your home in Saskatoon, SK look a little worse for the wear? You might find that getting a new paint job for your home is just what’s needed to get it back into shape.

Of course, the best course of action will be to speak with the professionals at Elite Trade Painting about your residential interior painting. It’s always better to work with the professionals rather than trying to do it yourself. The pros can get the job done right and can do it in less time. If you want professional results, you need the experts. We’ve been painting and providing stellar customer service for more than 20 years. When you choose us, you’ll have experience, dedication, and expertise that just isn’t found with other painters in the area.

We will paint your home right the first time and be within budget. You love your property and want it treated well by anyone who comes into your space. We understand how much you care for your home and will treat it as carefully as we would our own.

The Interior Painting Process

You might think that the inside of your house is safe from the wear and tear that goes on with your exterior paint. However, the inside can start to look just as worn and dull over time. Cooking grease in the air gets on the walls. Scratches and nicks from moving furniture can mar the walls and halls. Even the sun can damage the paint and cause it to fade. A lot can cause damage.

Naturally, you want to be sure the interior continues to look great, and this means painting. We can take care of all of your painting needs, and we always prep the area properly. The right preparation ensures that the paint looks great and lasts longer.

Some of the prep work we do includes:

Taking care of cracks, blemishes and holes in the wall

Cleaning where necessary and sanding rough areas

Using caulk in the trim.

After fully prepping the space, we will begin with the painting.
When it comes to painting, you can rest easy knowing that we use the best quality primers, paints, and stains for all of our jobs. The paint will be applied smoothly and evenly, and the lines will always be straight. We provide you with a truly professional look for your property, and you’ll love the results.

When the painting has finished, we will remove all of our materials and make sure the area is clean. Additionally, we offer a two-year guarantee on the work we do.

Help with Colour and Design

What colours should you use on the interior of your home? What will look good and last? Most people don’t know much about paint types or colours and what will work well together. If you aren’t sure what you would like, there’s no need to worry. We can provide you with some guidance to make choosing easier.

It’s a good idea to look at some of our picture galleries, so you can see past work we’ve done. They could even give you some inspiration when it comes to choosing colours. Be sure to read our client testimonials, too. You will see what it’s like to work with our company. We are proud of what we do and we’re the ideal painting company in Saskatoon for your interior painting.

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Residential Interior Painting

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