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Looking for an Epoxy Floor

Cement floors in homes are prime candidate for an epoxy coating. If you’ve been looking to upgrade the look of your warehouse, garage or workshop floor or any other cement floor areas but are concerned with durability and longevity you should consider epoxy coating.

If you want a floor that will be strong, have a stunning appearance, be easily maintained, and will last for years, then the epoxy coating is the way to go. If you’re unaware of what epoxy flooring is, or what it means, then read on to learn all about them.

What Is Epoxy Flooring?

The easiest way to define epoxy flooring is a two-part system coating that creates a very durable coating through catalyzation. Several coats are applied to the floor after its been properly prepared.

Epoxy Coatings and Enamel Floors

Some of the reasons that epoxy is great for increasing durability is because epoxy is chemical and water-resistant, and it can also handle extreme traffic without wearing excessively under such wear and tear.

Because of how durable and resilient epoxy is, floors that are coated with epoxy tend to have a larger advantage against paint and enamel products. However, all these phenomenal benefits do come at a price, so be aware of that.

Types of Epoxies

Typically, when it comes to epoxy, the compound is made with two-component products (such as a resin base and a catalyst/hardener). If you don’t want to buy two products to make a single epoxy, some single component epoxies will work on their own. This is largely because they have already been catalyzed by another compound.

Epoxy Floor Painting

Here at Elite Trade Painting, we specialize in all sorts of painting projects – and applying epoxy coatings for floors in residential and commercial areas counts under this banner. If you’re looking to work on your basement floor, cement deck areas/steps, warehouse, shop, showroom and garage floors, we’re here to help you with the epoxy application.

Preparation for Epoxy Floors

If you’re considering having an epoxy coating, realize that the application process requires some specific preparation. For epoxy to adhere well to a surface, the surface must be stable and free from chemical contaminants and grease.

Ensure that your floor has been degreased, cleaned, etched with acid, and – if needed – ground/shot blasted. Make sure that you have proper ventilation when the epoxy is meant to be applied, as the odour is quite strong and filled with chemicals.

To avoid getting sick from chemical fumes, prepare extensive ventilation units and investigate getting a respirator for yourself.

Previous Paint Coatings Must Be Removed

Like how your floor must be free of grease and other contaminants, you must also make sure that your floor is free of any paint or coating it had before. When it comes to applying epoxies over old paint… it’s typically not possible, the epoxy coatings can react with the previous paint residue, and it’ll cause the paint to exfoliate and curly up.

Before you go for an epoxy coating make sure you’ve removed all previous paint coatings through stripping, shot blasting, or grinding it away.

Residential Epoxy Applications: Garage Floors

Typically, an epoxy coating floor is applied to commercial areas such as warehouses, showroom, shops, and labs.

For residential projects, most people will want epoxy coating for their garage floors. In this area, there are typically all manner of spills – but an epoxy addition can help to prevent those from making the floors look bad and facilitate easy clean-ups.

Here at Elite Trade Painting in Saskatoon, part of our service towards your epoxy coatings is ensuring that we’ll be using the correct products and that the preparation has been performed satisfactorily. This will help the epoxy coating will provide that durable and great-looking floor for many years.

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