Walls, Ceilings, and Trim in Saskatoon

Walls, Ceilings, and Trim in Saskatoon

Are you looking for new paint for your walls, ceilings, and trim in your home or business?

At Elite Trade Painting, we’re here to make all your interior dreams come true. Here in Saskatoon, we want the best for you and yours, meaning that whatever way you want to redecorate your home, we’re here to help!

Walls, Ceilings, and Trim

If you’re not sure why you should focus on these elements in your house, that’s all right. Redecorating is a long, drawn-out process, and many elements require your attention to get it to look quite right.

When it comes to your walls, ceilings, and trim, choosing the right color and the right trim colour will ensure that your whole room comes together and looks like it has a cohesive theme.

We’re skilled at choosing the best colors for your house!

Single Wall or Entire Homes

Elite Trade Painting is here to provide you with an efficient and quick service that will allow you to transform your home by adding paint. Whether you need a single accent wall, need an entire room painted, or need paint for your whole house, we can service your needs.

Businesses and Homeowners across all of Saskatoon have relied on our services for years, and we hope you’re ready to join their ranks by asking us to apply paint in your home.

Naturally, you want to be sure the interior continues to look great, and this means painting. We can take care of all of your painting needs, and we always prep the area properly. The right preparation ensures that the paint looks great and lasts longer.

Interior Painting Specialists

We have over twenty years of experience under our belts when it comes to interior painting, so you can rest easy knowing that we’re experts in our craft. We have the knowledge, expertise, and determination to get the job done correctly. When we work on your project, we’ll give you high-quality work that will last for years to come.

Elite Trade Painting Interior Painting Process

At this point, you likely want to know what you’ll be getting into by working with us. As such, we’ll be explaining our process:

Evaluation of the Project

Our specialists will arrive at your location and do a general survey of the project. This will allow them to explore the scope of the work, confirm the selection of colours with you (the client), and go over any potential issues they might expect.


After our specialists evaluate the project, they will create a job plan that will be the format they follow when doing the project. The job plan will consist of information about how long the project should take to complete as well as the order in which the project will proceed.


Our specialists will then work – as per the job plan – to prepare each room for painting. They will cover furniture, tape up non-painted areas as needed, set down drop sheets to protect the floor. Getting all areas ready for paint by repairing cracks and holes, caulking trim and sanding surfaces as required. Primer will then be applied as required to surfaces.


Once all areas are protected and the surfaces are prepared our specialists will begin the painting process. They will start with the ceiling – assuming that is part of the project – followed by painting the trim and the walls.


If you were worried about having to clean up everything after our team is done painting, don’t worry. Our team will inspect the area to ensure that painting has been done efficiently and professionally, and then our team will clean up their supplies and put all your effects back into the room.

Final Inspection

Once the entire project is finished, our team will do one additional inspection to ensure that the project has been completed satisfactorily.

Looking for Experienced Interior Residential Painters?

Don’t look much further than us. We’re here, with an experienced team that wants to help turn your painting project into action. Your home is a large investment, and all parts of it must look how you want them.

You want your house to look as good as possible, so let us, at Elite Trade, help you transform your house into what you want. We will always use the best materials and paints so that your painting job will look good for years to come.

Elite Residential Interior Painting Services Saskatoon

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Residential Interior Painting

Painting will beautify, protect and add value to your home. We are interior painting specialists!

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Walls, Ceilings and Trim

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Cabinets and Built-ins

We paint cabinets and built-ins for our clients making old and new cabinetry look great.

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Brick Staining and Painting

Staining and painting brick and masonry is a great way to create a modern look from older brick.

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Epoxy and Enamel Floors

Epoxies are commonly used for garage floor painting

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Wallpaper Installation

Removal of wallpaper or vinyl and we install too!

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Staining and Varnishing

Old and new woodwork can be revived with a coat of varnish and stain.

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