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Saskatoon Brick Staining and Painting

When it comes to thinking about how your house looks, you may not realize that there are elements of your house that are extremely important to how others see it. One of those elements is the brickwork and cement that is in and around your house.

Whether we’re talking brickwork that’s inlaid on the ground, that covers your house, or that tops your gates (if you have them), the color and staining of your brick will change the whole appearance of your house.

It may seem like such a small element won’t have an impact on the overall aesthetics of your house, but that’s where you’d be wrong.

Interested in Painting or Staining Your Brick?

If you’re interested in giving the brick elements on your house an upgrade, then you might be considering painting or staining your bricks. Even just a small change can make a huge difference in the appearance of your house.

Brick and Masonry Painting

When it comes to your brick – or other masonry elements of your house – it’s good practice to stain or paint these parts to upgrade how your home looks

When it comes to the brick and masonry painting, here at Elite Trade Painting, we only use the best products to ensure that you receive the best project. Although both are residential projects, the products we like to use are Resilience, Dulux Diamond, Dulux Weatherguard, and Sherwin Williams A-100.

Having said that, you can use any interior or exterior paint that is considered “high-quality” when it comes to painting or staining interior brick or masonry in your home.

Favorite Products

Sherwin Williams (A100)

As mentioned, one of our favorite products is the Sherwin Williams A100. This is an exterior acrylic latex that will cover all parts of your product and last for years to come.

The Sherwin Williams acrylic latex paint uses a 100% acrylic formula that makes sure this product has good adhesion, color retention, and hide. If you’re looking for efficient coverage and professional-looking color changes, then this is a good product to use.

Dulux Diamond

Another one that is on our forever favorites list is the Dulux Diamond. This is an interior acrylic paint that features a unique formula meant to prevent stains that other, more traditional acrylic paints might not manage.

This product is also great for improving leveling and flow, increasing durability, and having a component for quick drying, as well.

This product is great for areas that are going to see a lot of traffic, and it also comes in several sheens and colour options in the white spectrum, so that no matter what you’re painting, this product can accommodate.

Brick and Masonry Staining

When it comes to staining your brick and masonry, many staining products exist. You can find products that will be suitable for your project from most mainstream paint manufacturers, but if there’s a specific paint boutique you like to frequent, they might be able to help you, as well. We at Elite Trade Painting Saskatoon use high quality Dulux Perma-Crete stain and high-quality Sherwin Williams concrete stain.

Reach Out for Help!

If you’re curious about getting your brick or masonry stained, then look no further than reaching out to us for help. Here at Elite Trade Painting, we’ve been working on projects such as these in the wider Saskatoon area for years.

If you want a professional job done for your brick and masonry staining needs, we’re here to ensure that you get what you want.

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