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Revitalize Your Stucco With Paint!

When it comes to your house, you may think that there are elements that can never be touched up and that the only way to handle them is to replace them entirely.

One of those elements that make you feel like this is likely stucco. Stucco seems like one of those house elements that has existed since the time of our grandparents, and it’s just a fact of life that you’ll stick with it or scrape it all off.

But what if you were to learn that you could revitalize your stucco?

What Is Stucco?

If you do not know what stucco is, read on. It is a very fine type of plaster that coats many exterior surfaces in houses. It’s typically used as an outer layer for some homes.

In truth, when it comes to repairing and/or painting the stucco on your home, you will need to contact a professional who has the expertise and necessary knowledge for your project to be successful. This is not the type of project that is easy for a novice to perform, which is why you should reach out to us here at Elite Trade Painting in Saskatoon for all your stucco revitalization needs.

We have experience will stucco painting for residential properties, commercial properties, and anything in between at Elite Trade Painting.

Stucco Painting Experts and Reliable Stucco Painting Services

When it comes to the exterior surfaces of houses, stucco is a common one for most structures. However, although it is common, it requires extreme care to paint it correctly.

It is a relatively painless procedure to get your stucco repainted. Homeowners in the have been using our stucco painting services for many years. We know how to make most stucco look phenomenal.

Proper Equipment and High-Quality Products

Here at Elite Trade Painting Saskatoon, we make sure to only use the highest-quality products for your project. All our experience and expertise are necessary to ensure that you’ll get the updated look for your home that you’ve been hoping for.

Only the best paints and finishes will touch your project, meaning that your home will not only look brand new but will also have protection from the elements and wear and tear.

Stucco Painting Projects

Stucco Painting in Saskatoon (Residential)

With our many years of experience, our employees will be able to handle any painting project (stucco or otherwise) at a residential location. Whether you have a mansion or a smaller, single-family home, we have the capabilities to help you.

Stucco Painting in Saskatoon (Commercial)

Alternatively, if your home isn’t the building in need of repair, we are also able to work on businesses and other commercial establishments. With our services, you can renovate your commercial property to make it look in line with modern aesthetics, which will hopefully drive more people to your place of work.

Even a single paint coat can invigorate your commercial property to increase its visual appeal to passersby.

Stucco Painting Process

The whole process will go through the following procedures:

  • Prepping the site by power washing the area.
  • Repairing any elements (such as missing caulking or cracks) that will prevent the surface from being smooth.
  • Applying the paint.

By following this three-step process, our company can make sure that you have a high-quality paint job that will look great for years.

Clients in Saskatoon have used our services for many years, and we use only the best supplies to provide you with a high-quality project once all is said and done.

The Longevity of Painted Stucco

So long as you have a professional company working on your stucco painting, your new coat of paint will typically last for 15+ years. Common mistakes that might affect this timeframe are:

Shoddy application

Extensive weather damage

Not allowing individual paint coats to dry

Using too little paint

A professional company, such as us at Elite Trade Painting would avoid all these mistakes so that you can trust in the longevity and quality of your house.

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