Interested in a Great Looking Deck and Fence?

With life always so busy, many people put off the work for home improvement projects they want without any reason other that “too busy”.

If this sounds like something you’ve been going through, and if one of your home improvement projects is to revitalize your fence and deck, then we can help!

Here at Elite Trade Painting Saskatoon, we want to help you enhance your outdoors so that they look brand new and modern.

Use Fresh Paint or Stain to Improve Your Outdoor Areas

As we look forward to social gatherings, we want our outdoor spaces to look great to host them. When it comes to social events, outdoor spaces such as fences and decks give you solitude during social gatherings, and they can also act as spaces of reflection.

These sorts of elements can be very helpful for outdoor enjoyment, whether you’re on your own, with your family, or with other loved ones.

Fences and Decks

These are important elements that can be the difference between a great backyard and a mediocre one. Because of how important they are, we know that extreme care needs to be used for the upkeep.

Here at Elite Trade Painting, we can transform your outdoor elements to look stellar, but we know that these things require consistent maintenance, as well. As such, we are experienced when it comes to painting and staining decks, outdoor structures, and fences.

Outdoor Revitalization Specialists

When it comes to staining and fence painting, realize that there are many elements to the deck and the fence that all have specific needs.

For example, decks include posts, latticework, trellises, steps, rails, a floor… and many other parts that, all together, make up a deck.

Because decks and fences are made up of so many different parts, you may not realize how important each part is, on its own. But each part is a highly visible part of your home, and as such, they require that they are all maintained to look good.

To successfully upgrade your desks and fences, you’ll need to use the proper selection of products. High-quality products will ensure that you end up with a high-quality product.

Stain Comparison

When it comes to high-quality products, most stains (when it comes to staining your decks and fences), tend to fall into two columns: semi-transparent stains and solid stains.

Solid Stains:

  • Opaque (you will see the texture beneath
  • but not the original grain)
  • Using with semi-transparent stain works
  • Has a built-in primer
  • Lasts for 3 to 5 years
  • Application requires less skill

Semi-transparent Stain:

  • Shows grains underneath the stain
  • Using with solid stain will not work
  • Has an built-in primer
  • Lasts for 1 to 3 years
  • Requires skill when applying

How to Prepare for Paint or Stain

Make sure that, before you apply the stain to your surfaces, you prepare the surfaces properly. When you do so, the stain will apply better and last longer.

When it comes to preparations, you will do:

Hand- or power- washing

Strip any stain for semi transparent application ( if surfaces have largely failed)

Scraping of any uneven residue

Prime the area when required (mainly for solid stain keep in mind that solid stains have self-priming elements)

Sanding down any remaining uneven areas

Caulking places that have cracks or holes

Product Application

Once you’ve prepared the material as mentioned, you will apply the stain. The stain will typically be applied to the surface by rolling or brushing the stain onto whatever surface you’re working with. It is best that you only use a brush to apply the semi-transparent varieties.


When it comes to your decks and fences, these require consistent maintenance because they will deal with some wear and tear from the elements. So, to maintain their aesthetic beauty, you must recoat or repaint these surfaces periodically so that they look as if they’re constantly brand new. Elite Trade painting Saskatoon would love to help you with your deck projects

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