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Want to Paint Your Vinyl Siding?

When it comes to your vinyl siding, you may not realize that there are ways to upgrade it so that it looks modern. When it comes to the vinyl exterior siding for your residence, updating it will improve the look and value of your home.

The Painting of Vinyl Siding Will Revise Your Home by Giving It a Modern New Look

Many vinyl siding looks like it came out of the same generation that created your grandparents. This is largely because most vinyl siding is meant to last for 30+ years – and, in fact, it tends to last much longer than that!

Although newer homes tend to have neutral colour vinyl, older homes tend to have a vinyl color that matched whatever the style of the time (when it was built) was. This means you may end up living in a residence that has a pink, green, or purple exterior that doesn’t fit with your aesthetics at all.

Additionally, colours that look good today may not be in style in just a few years, not to mention that whoever you bought the house from likely had extremely different aesthetic tastes than you did.

As such, if you’re at all unhappy with how the vinyl siding of your house looks, it’s time to change the colour… and here at Elite Trade Painting in Saskatoon, we’re here to help!

Painting Your Vinyl Siding

A common – and unwelcome – experience that many people with vinyl siding have had is watching acrylic paint get spilled on their vinyl siding. When this happened, the paint likely stuck like glue to the surface and was extremely hard to remove.

This is because vinyl siding was initially crafted to work well with acrylic paint. Painting vinyl siding is something that we’re extremely experienced with at Elite Trade Painting in Saskatoon, and we’ve been doing this work for over 25 years at this point!

Check out all our happy customers for who we have done the work. They will inform you of our professional service and efficient handling of projects.

A Wide Range of Colours for Vinyl Siding

When it comes to upgrading your vinyl siding, one of the most fun parts is choosing the new color. In the past, painting vinyl siding required that you stick with the same colour tone as came before or lighten it. This was because darker colors would absorb more heat and warp the siding.


Unfortunately, this meant that there were very limited colour choices, and customers rarely got what they truly wanted.

That’s no longer the case, however. In recent years, science has progressed to create vinyl-safe colour technology, which means that you can now paint your vinyl siding in almost any colour you’d like. There are still some limitations, but the arena has widened considerably so that you can have your dream exterior.

Vinyl-Safe Colour Products

When it comes to the look and longevity of your house, here at Elite Trade Painting in Saskatoon, we only use the best paint products, such as:

Great Paint Is Important but Proprietary Paint Is Not

If you’re considering getting your vinyl siding painted, make sure to do your research. Many contractors will use proprietary products – and, overall, this is all right. You will receive a result you are likely to be happy with.

However, all major paint manufacturers will also have paint and materials that will achieve the same results for a much cheaper price. Here at Elite Trade Painting in Saskatoon, we use Sherwin Williams products on vinyl siding, as we’ve found them to be the best when it comes to these projects.

We will use top-of-the-line products for your project so that you can rest easy knowing that your vinyl siding was painted professionally.

Painted Vinyl Will Last for a Long Time

Realize that the benefits of vinyl are multifold: not only can you paint them to look exactly as you want them to, without the cost of replacing the siding at 10 times the cost of painting.

So long as the vinyl paint has adhered to the vinyl, the coating will last for the same amount of time that the siding does. You may need to refresh the coloring every 10-15 years, however.

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