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The Do it Yourself (DIY) Guide for Painting Projects


Most of our clients can paint and some can paint very well. The decision on hiring our services is not always based on a lack of ability but quite simply is a matter of time. The fact is that even for the most highly skilled a good job takes time.


This timetable is to help our customers guide their expectations on the time and costs that they will incur for some of their common DIY painting projects. The experience and skill level for our assessments is assumed to be at an average householder level. Which means having painted a few times but never professionally and mostly minor projects.


If any of these timetables seem too daunting you can always request a free estimate. We provide free estimates enabling you to make an informed decision on the DIY option vs our service.


Please note: Costs of paint, materials and rentals can vary by region and are based on national averages.  Some larger cost variances below may be a result of the rent versus purchase decision for certain pieces of equipment. Paint also can go on sale and can give significant savings.





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